Xcelerator-Day 1

Today, we started our inaugural Xcelerator training program, designed for innovators pursuing the commercialization of agroup work technology, as well as those aiming to increase demand or delivery of their service. Led by the National Collegiate Innovators and Inventors Alliance (NCIIA), the program asks participants to take a deep look into their projects from a new perspective. Because, as we learned, we all have a habit of seeing situations through our own personal lenses, which are based on our previous experiences, assumptions, and  beliefs. Moreover, we all want to prove ourselves right – that decisions made regarding our projects were the best ones.

strategy mapWe brought in eleven teams of Saving Lives at Birth innovators from all over the globe, working in countries from Cambodia to Kenya, to Arusha, Tanzania for this 4-day immersive workshop.  Each of these projects has the potential for truly great impact and, through early support, we believe we can help them accelerate their progress and magnify their impact by designing pathways to scale that take into account common pitfalls.

The teams began evolving their strategies in the afternoon. They walked through their preliminary “strategy maps” with other participants and facilitators.  The maps are expected to endure many iterations over the next few days as new insights emerge from the change in perspective.  



The Xcelerator training program is partnership between USAID, The Lemelson Foundation, and NCIIA