Xcelerator-Day 4

Presentation day! Today, innovators presented to esteemed staff of the East Central and Southern African Regional Health Community  (ESCA).  Comprised of ten member countries, this inter-governmental platform taps into regional and international expertise to promote sharing of best practices, identify priorities, capacity build, and advocate for improved policies and programs within the region.  Drawing from the previous three days of sessions, participants spent time thinking through their key messages, their value, and input they wanted to get from this group of experts.   

After a warm welcome from the Director General, each team presented their work and ESCA staff members asked insightful follow-up questions and suggestions.  Below is a photo of Ben Bellows from the Population Council explaining how the Baby Monitor platform takes clinical screening directly to mothers before and after birth using interactive voice response technology.

Population Council presentation

More than once, they praised the innovators on their “revolutionary” and “timely” ideas.  Conversations with ESCA continued over lunch and the Director General encouraged the group to continue “fueling the fire.”  ESCA can be assured that we will!  We look forward to strengthening our relationship with this regional platform.

ECSA group photo

Each participant found value in the Xcelerator – it was an opportunity for them to advance their scale up plans and identify and develop strategies to pursue opportunities and circumvent obstacles.  We are excited to the see these innovators accelerate their momentum towards impact and look forward to our next workshop in July!