Xcelerator Blog 4

Kenyan Energizers and Xcelerator Take-Aways

By: Laura Sampath, NCIIA 

As the Xcelerator training program came to a close, Dr. Astrid Christofferson of Ampath told the group that no meeting takes place in Kenya without a designated spiritual advisor, a timekeeper, and an energizer—and that she was this group’s energizer.

As the twelve Saving Lives at Birth teams and instructors formed a final circle to share their “take-away” from the four-day immersion experience, Astrid demonstrated the vigorous way Kenyans show their appreciation–by placing one hand palm up in front of them and rubbing it with the other palm in a circular motion as if to warm both hands. If the appreciation is great, the upper hand is raised overhead while the lower hand descends—forming an arc of appreciation is like an archer’s bow.

One by one, the team members shared their greatest “take-away”, including:  

-          Be clear about what percentage of the target market you are actually able to affect, not the total market share.  This can be a fatal error.

-          Uncomfortable moments are good teachers.

-          Combine the language and concepts of business with science and passion to create coherence in the world.

-          The power of this new community is not just having twelve teams in one room for four days, but the collective resource pool now heading back out into the world, linked together.

-          The knowledge to expand thinking from just a single grant project to a bigger idea system is, and as one innovator put it, “no longer beyond my comprehension”.

-          The entire team should sit together more often to strategize rather than relying on individual members touching base as the need arises.

-          Apply business strategy along with the development process and you won’t have to go back to the drawing board.

And so the members rubbed their hands and said farewell in warm appreciation, ready now to advance towards their goals like sharpened arrows. They will remain engaged in the Xcelerator, accessing an online learning portal, participating in webinars and coaching sessions, and receiving individualized consultation and support throughout the coming year.