Blog Posts from February 2018

Round 8 focuses on transition to scale—a crucial element in achieving many of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Transition to scale funding assists in kickstarting scale and sustainability initiatives, with a proven impact on global health. Click here to learn from our recent interview with two innovators—Bempu (India) and Simprints (UK)—who have received follow-on funding from Saving Lives at Birth and are now transitioning to scale.
Over the last seven years, Saving Lives at Birth (SL@B) has established an expansive pipeline of maternal and neonatal health innovations, supporting 116 unique devices, diagnostics, nutrients, and cross-cutting approaches from around the world. In its eighth call for solutions, there is an increased focus on advancing the most successful and transformational innovations as they transition to scale. We recognize that whilefunding can be catalytic, there are many other barriers and drivers to success that influence an innovation’s path to scale and impact.