by: Ted Levethal, NCIIAIt was barely 9 am on Sunday morning.  As the caffeine was still taking effect, facilitator James Barlow told everyone to get a pen and piece of paper, find a partner and start to sketch a portrait.As puzzled participants sketched away, Barlow got to the point:  Like art class in school where students focused on the most familiar features while distorting the portrait as a whole, innovators make similar mistakes with their business plan. 
Clune, Karen (GH/AA/GHI)
Our third and final day of the 2014 DevelopmentXChange was an exciting one! Investors, global health experts, donors, media, and international organizations toured almost 100 innovations in a bustling, high-energy Marketplace.
Clune, Karen (GH/AA/GHI)
By the second day of the DevelopmentXChange, things were in full swing! Our expert panels and presentations shared knowledge on a variety of topics, from scaling and student engagement to branding and beyond.
Clune, Karen (GH/AA/GHI)
#DevX2014 Day 1 
What does a garage mechanic from Argentina, a team of students from North Carolina, and a group of doctors in Kenya have in common?  They are all pushing the boundaries of innovation to save the lives of women and newborns during their most vulnerable hours -- from the time of labor to the 48 hours after a baby is born. And they will be in Washington, DC next week for the Saving Lives at Birth DevelopmentXChange, world’s preeminent maternal and newborn health innovations Marketplace and Forum.
By Dr. Bryn Sobott, The University of Melbourne
By: Nick Pearson and Allison Ettinger of Jacaranda HealthCross-posted from Grand Challenges Canada, May 8, 2014 “Since you came home from Jacaranda Maternity, have you had fever or chills?” Sharon, a Jacaranda Community Health Worker (CHW) asks. 
Clune, Karen (GH/AA/GHI)
Roseline, a community health promoter in Muhoroni sub-district health facility, is a tall woman with a wide smile and boisterous personality. She also has a nunlike presence – with patience and kindness for everyone she meets. As she awaits pregnant women for their antenatal care visits, she naturally engages them in conversation and makes them smile and feel at ease. She is perfect for the job.
By: Krista Donaldson, CEO of D-Rev and Saving Lives at Birth innovatorCross-posted on World Economic Forum blog, Aug. 30, 2013
By:  Muhammad H. Zaman, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Boston University and Saving Lives at Birth innovator Yes, Elbonia is a fictitious country, and no I did not make that name up. I will come back to my trip to Elbonia and its importance in just a bit, but let me first tell you how the future course of our global health technology (a device to detect substandard drugs) was changed forever, and for the better, at the Xcelerator workshop.