Clune, Karen (GH/AA/GHI)
Presentation day! Today, innovators presented to esteemed staff of the East Central and Southern African Regional Health Community  (ESCA).  Comprised of ten member countries, this inter-governmental platform taps into regional and international expertise to promote sharing of best practices, identify priorities, capacity build, and advocate for improved policies and programs within the region.
Clune, Karen (GH/AA/GHI)
To ground the training, we began the day with visits to a regional hospital and a rural clinic.  Thanks to welcoming staff, Xcelerator participants toured the facilities learning more about available services, equipment, and supplies to pregnant women and newborns.  The picture below captures the delivery room in the rural clinic.
Clune, Karen (GH/AA/GHI)
The second day of the Xcelerator focused on identifying and addressing possible barriers to success and articulating value.  Participants identified factors that could impede their ability to scale and what situations might “kill” their idea.   Additionally, they discussed how they would monitor and evaluate their innovations’ value within their target market.
Clune, Karen (GH/AA/GHI)
Today, we started our inaugural Xcelerator training program, designed for innovators pursuing the commercialization of a technology, as well as those aiming to increase demand or delivery of their service.
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