A New Tool for Newborn Health: ChlorhexidineBy: Steve Hodgins (MCHIP)Cross-posted on MCHIP and Healthy Newborn Network (March 7, 2012) 
 By: Siqi Xue and Lyn Whitham (Grand Challenges Canada) Cross-posted on Grand Challenges Canada's blog (Feb 1, 2012) In a desperate bid to get to a hospital, a young woman dies a lonely death in a taxi just before giving birth.
Clune, Karen (GH/AA/GHI)
Cross-posted on USAID's Impact Blog (January 17, 2012) and the Healthy Newborn Network (January 18, 2012)“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” –Albert Einstein
Written by: Joy Lawn for the Healthy Newborn Network Blog on December 6, 2011 
Clune, Karen (GH/AA/GHI)
Cross-posted on USAID's Impact Blog - December 5, 2011.
Clune, Karen (GH/AA/GHI)
The Grand Challenges for Global Health meeting spent little time celebrating global successes in maternal and child health.  Instead, speakers and participants focused on the millions of lives that still need saving.  Innovative technologies and approaches can accelerate substantial and sustainable progress in these areas, especially if innovators consider three key concepts.  These three concepts, which I explain below, emerged as overarching themes at the Grand Challenges for Global Health meeting in Delhi.
Clune, Karen (GH/AA/GHI)
Day Three of the Grand Challenges in Global Health meeting might have been the best day yet. We heard from several Gates and Saving Lives at Birth innovators as they “fast pitched” their novel ideas, including two Saving Lives seed grantees – Michelle McIntosh from Monash University and Mario Merialdi from WHO.  Dr.
Clune, Karen (GH/AA/GHI)
Day Two of the Grand Challenges in Global Health meeting opened with a session entitled “Celebrating Innovation and Partnership.”   The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation CEO Jeff Raikes introduced the session, underscoring the role of innovation within the Foundation.  “Innovation is in Gates’ DNA,” he emphasized, and “is at the core of what will reshape the world.”  Raikes then drew an insightful analogy, which was repeated in various forms throughout the conference.  He compared a bird in flight to the development of innovation - much like a bird needs both its
Clune, Karen (GH/AA/GHI)
Since 2005, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has held annual meetings surrounding their Grand Challenge initiative.  The meetings predominately focus on scientific dialogue and shared problem solving with regard to accelerating scientific advances along the path to health impact. The meetings also celebrate global health leadership.  The following blog posts will provide daily summaries of the 2011 meeting in Delhi, India with a specific focus on family health.
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Cross-posted on USAID's Impact Blog - September 21, 2011Last night, the Saving Lives at Birth partnership announced three award nominations for transition-to-scale grants that have the potential to save the lives of mothers and newborns in rural areas of the developing world at the time of birth. We couldn’t be more excited about the announcement.