Baby-saving electricity-free oxygen device win USAID grant for PNG trial

Cross-posted:  ABC Radio Australia  August 14, 2013

Presenter:Geraldine Coutts
Speaker:Dr. Byn Sobott, Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Melbourne
A research team from the University of Melbourne has been awarded a USAID grant for their work on pneumonia in Papua New Guinea

Their project will assist newly born babies with oxygen to help prevent deaths from pneumonia - the leading cause of mortality for children under five years.

The grant will support field trials for the low maintenance FRE02 devices in remote PNG clinics that have no regular supply of oxygen.

Dr. Bryn Sobott, a Post Doctoral Fellow in Xray and Synchrotron science, from the University of Melbourne says their electricity-free oxygen concentrator is the first of it's kind.

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