Mini-Blood Banks for Life Saving Red Blood Cells: Where Needed & When Needed

Hemacon GmbH
Organization Location: 
Duesseldorf, Germany

The statistics are clear. Over one third of all maternal mortality in the developing world results from hemorrhage. Compounding this problem and contributing significantly to the death rate are very difficult transportation logistics from remote rural regions to key national medical centers, and endemic anemia in the female population. The availability of transfusable packs of life saving Red Blood Cells in these remote locations is nearly completely absent.

New innovative technology based on hollow micro fibers allows for the immediate separation of blood in even the most remote of locations and without the need for electricity. Enabled by innovative technology, for the first time, it will be possible to establish mini Blood Banks in even the most remote of maternity clinics and impact dramatically on the maternal mortality statistics at these locations.

In order to test the idea of developing focused self-contained and self-administered local maternity mini-blood banks in remote rural locations, the proposal's objective is to undertake two exemplary pilot implementations: one in Malawi in Africa and the second in Tamil Nadu in India working closely with, and in support of, the local medical and government partners.

Hemacon is an early-stage high technology medical devices company run by a very experienced team with a global network. The team understands integrated innovation and how to mobilize the complementary partners. The proposed pilots could accelerate immediately the adoption of a new life saving technology and redefine blood availability in the developing world.