Project BRITE: Better Results through Integrated Technology and Empowerment

Project Concern International (dba PCI)
Organization Location: 
San Diego, CA USA

PCI and ZMQ have designed an m-health application that has the potential to substantially and sustainably reduce stillborn, maternal and/or newborn deaths not only in Moradabad, UP, but throughout India and beyond. The Universal Patient Management and Analysis System (UPMAS) is designed to overcome the weaknesses of similar approaches to date by boldly overcoming the intransient barriers to access and delivery of quality maternal, child and neonatal health (MCNH) services for true behavior change and significant long term impact. UPMAS goes beyond simple messaging for real engagement and behavior change and creates an e-backbone upon which true system changes can be built. Project BRITE (Better Results through Integrated Technology and Empowerment) will transform m-health efforts to date by: utilizing a bottom-up, revenue sharing approach that rewards community health workers for registering pregnant women and selling additional digital content; adjusting the mobile content based on feedback from users; and targeting organized human networks to promote uptake and utilization of the mobile content and facilitate the engagement of pregnant women in peer support networks. Unlike other m-health efforts to date, the proposed concept empowers both the front line worker and pregnant woman with information and real time connectivity. BRITE, by integrating the non-formal and formal components of the delivery system, will permeate what has been until now a fairly impenetrable boundary between the health system and high risk women and will generate breakthrough possibilities, which can be used to radically transform the entire Indian MCNH care system.