Brilliance and Comet: Integrated Innovation to Effectively Treat Severe Neonatal Jaundice

D-Rev: Design for the Other Ninety Percent
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Palo Alto, CA USA

Approximately 12 percent of babies born in low-income countries require immediate treatment for severe jaundice. Without timely treatment, they may suffer brain damage or die. Effective treatment simply does not exist in rural clinics and a vast majority (95%) of public hospitals in low-income countries. The central obstacles to effective affordable treatment are business economics and appropriate product design for low-income environments: existing phototherapy devices that meet American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) standards are too expensive, impossible to maintain and very often improperly used.

We are integrating state-of-the-art technology with an economically sustainable business model to deliver two affordable world- class phototherapy devices to market in low-resource settings: Comet for rural clinics and Brilliance fort district hospitals. We are leveraging the private sector, through partnerships with established and well-respected for-profit medical devices firms, to sustainably manufacture, distribute, sell, and maintain these devices. We have already licensed Brilliance to the for-profit Indian medical device firm, Phoenix Medical Systems, and it will start being sold in India in Q3 2011. Comet has already achieved proof- of-concept. We have designed features into both products to improve the effectiveness of treatment.

We are applying for a transition grant of $1,975,413 over two years to accelerate scale-up of Brilliance to Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia and complete product design of Comet and bring it to market.