Postpartum empowerment: an integrated approach driving demand and delivery of high quality, low-cost postnatal services in Kenya

Jacaranda Health
Organization Location: 
Nairobi, Kenya

Jacaranda Health has a dual mission of providing affordable, high quality maternity services to low-income women whilst being a laboratory for integrating innovations for maternal health. We are a chain of maternity clinics in Kenya that provide deliveries, antenatal and postnatal care, and family planning.

In this proposal we focus on the postpartum period, and compare several low-cost and easily scalable approaches to improve the uptake and quality of postnatal care - approaches that take advantage of our strengths in technology, task shifting, clinical checklists, and community sales networks. In Kenya fewer than 20% of women receive postnatal care in the six-week postpartum period. Our objective is to find a cost-effective way to increase coverage of postnatal care and postnatal family planning within our patient population. If we succeed with these simple methods and can demonstrate sustainability, they could easily be replicated by other maternal health providers in East Africa.

Our proposal has three related components: (1) Implement a strategy for improving patient safety in the first week postpartum: a mother-held postpartum checklist with SMS reminders. (2) Test three promising strategies for improving uptake of postpartum family planning: home visits from CHWs and prenatal group meetings among cohorts of women of similar gestation. (3) Test two options for reducing the barriers of cost of postnatal services using pricing promotions and our MamaKiba mobile savings tool.

We are working with partners at the Harvard School of Public Health to ensure a systematic evaluation