SafeSnip is an obstetric device that cuts, clamps, and shields infants, mothers, and birthing personnel from infection

NOvate Medical Technologies, LLC
Organization Location: 
New Orleans, LA USA

NOvate Medical Technologies, LLC ("NOvate") is a New Orleans-based medical device development company focused on commercializing high-quality, low-cost medical products. NOvate is committed to delivering medical solutions, novel training programs, and information technologies which address the health needs of the developing world. NOvate's first product offering, SafeSnip, is a patent-pending disposable and degradable plastic obstetric device that simultaneously cuts, clamps, and shields the umbilical cord from infection. SafeSnip's symmetric design and multiple safety features prevent misuse and shorten the delivery process by transforming umbilical cord severance into an intuitive one step procedure. SafeSnip will decrease healthcare costs and increase the standard of care for newborns by addressing infection-related mortality in developing countries while maintaining technologic relevance in developed nations. This allows SafeSnip to benefit from use globally in both developed and developing world markets. Initial sales from SafeSnip will provide NOvate with financial sustainability, securing a future in the development of additional healthcare innovations. These solutions will utilize cost-effective, evidence-based health interventions to empower communities and incentivize individuals to adopt healthy behaviors while maintaining their social and cultural identity. NOvate will leverage its expertise in medical technology development to combine elegant and innovative products with social and cultural interventions. These products will take advantage of domestic and international market opportunities to maintain financial stability while combating global health problems. NOvate is proud of its commitment to socially conscious integrated innovations and solutions.

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