AnemiPoint; an affordable and accurate anaemia diagnostic for the point of care.

Eva Diagnostics Limited
Organization Location: 
London, United Kingdom

Anaemia is a globally endemic and neglected condition that is responsible for significant complications in pregnancy and early life. The provision of high quality anaemia diagnostic information across pregnancy and childbirth is critical to successful treatment outcomes. Eva Diagnostics has developed AnemiPoint, a lab-accurate and affordable diagnostic, capable of guiding clinical pathways and interventions. AnemiPoint also enables data capture to be seamlessly integrated into standard care practices, removing the need for manual data entry and additional equipment. Surveying anaemia prevalence is a resource intensive process that Eva Diagnostics shall address with AnemiPoint. The Global Nutrition Report and World Health Organisation have called for a data revolution, recognising that without sufficient data the prevalence of anaemia cannot be understood and targeted. Anaemia is endemic in many African countries and yet only approximately 0.005% of the total population has been surveyed over the previous two decades. By monitoring 5,000 women across the various stages of pregnancy, we will be able to assess and enhance changes in diagnosis rates, treatment practices, reduced morbidity, and patient outcomes. Our objective is to demonstrate that AnemiPoint is a cost-effective and accurate diagnostic capable of positively influencing treatment and policy to reduce the burden of maternal and child anaemia-related morbidity and mortality.

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