Proving Adoption of the Bempu Temperature Monitoring Band to Prevent Neonatal Hypothermia in Low-Resource Settings

Bempu Health Private Limited
Organization Location: 
Bangalore, India

Hypothermia and infection are among top health issues facing newborns in LMIC. Regular temperature monitoring is an effective means of detection and prevention of hypothermia but in our extensive field research, we observed that newborn temperature monitoring is rarely practiced in under-resourced clinics and uneducated homes. After vetting the need with over 75 paediatricians and filtering through several proposed solutions, we are developing Bempu, a novel, simple low-cost newborn temperature monitoring wristband. The band intuitively alerts a mother in case of hypothermia, enabling her to take early action. Bempu is more reliable than the current standards of care (hand touch, axillary thermometry), continuously monitors a child for up to two months in the clinic or home and is affordable. We have completed early clinical studies and will introduce the product into the Indian market in late 2015. We plan to use the validation funds to develop proof of market demand and adoption in six Indian states. We will have reached 12,000 newborns within the two year grant funding. Within 10 years, we hope to be the standard of care for neonatal temperature monitoring having protected 25 million newborns cumulatively and 7 million per year thereafter worldwide.

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