Validation testing of novel multi-use Intrauterine Device inserter in Bangladesh

Bioceptive, Inc.
Organization Location: 
New Orleans, Louisiana

Bioceptive aims to expand access to long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) for the estimated 222 million women around the world with an unmet need for modern family planning resources. The discreet intrauterine device (IUD) is one of the most applicable LARC methods for global use due to its long term of use, high efficacy, and minimal user effort. However, IUD access is frequently limited because the insertion procedure is complicated and only carried out by highly trained physicians. Bioceptive has developed a novel, reusable, sterilizable IUD inserter that makes the procedure simpler and intuitive and allows any healthcare worker to confidently insert an IUD with minimal training, thus using improved technology to overcome existing barriers to service delivery. Bioceptive seeks funding from Saving Lives at Birth for a validation study of the inserter in clinical settings in Bangladesh to gather critical efficacy, training, and other data necessary to ultimately scale this intervention worldwide. Following successful completion of this 30 patient trial, Bioceptive will be ready to conduct full scale clinical trials and then launch this inserter in multiple countries along with various partners. By increasing access to long-acting IUDs through a simpler insertion process, use of this device can empower women with effective family planning options, increase contraceptive prevalence worldwide, and help countries move towards a balanced contraceptive method mix.

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