Tap4Life - an integrated mobile application to support accurate neonatal resuscitation and essential newborn care

Centre Muraz Research Institute, Ministry of Health
Organization Location: 
Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso

Birth asphyxia is the second leading cause of neonatal death, leading to close to one million deaths per year. Still today even simple things like proper ventilation may not be performed or not performed properly. There is a need to raise the quality of resuscitation in both facility and community-based births. A newly developed free-of-charge application for smartphones guides health workers to proper resuscitation and proper registration of interventions. It guides the user in a step by step approach with voice and imaging guidance. It provides clinical decision support identifying infants in need of referral for more advance care. Parts of the software has been developed and tested in both low- and high-income-settings. Within this project the software will be further developed and contextualized for a Francophone setting and evaluated in an already existing Helping Babies Breathe training program in Burkina Faso.To decrease perinatal mortality and morbidity by increasing the number of neonates getting proper resuscitation and essential care at frontline venues. Our intervention is the development and introduction of a multi-platform m-health system supporting neonatal resuscitation and essential newborn care. There is today no existing free application supporting the assessment of neonates with features including probe-less measurement of heart rate, pacing of ventilation rate and identification of danger signs.  

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