Nanobiosym® (NBS) Pilot Validation Study of Gene-RADAR® Nanotechnology Platform Point-of-Care (POC) for Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV in Rwanda

Nanobiosym, Inc.
Organization Location: 
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Globally, MTCT of HIV results in approximately 230,000 infant infections each year. In 2013 the WHO recommended VL testing as the preferred monitoring tool for diagnosing and confirming failure on ART. VL testing currently relies on DNA PCR, typically conducted in central laboratories due to requirements of multiple, complex sample preparation steps, sophisticated laboratory infrastructure, highly trained personnel, and effective sample transportation systems. NBS®'s Gene-RADAR® addresses this critical gap - it provides gold standard accuracy  without the requirements of conventional molecular diagnostics. Deploying Gene-RADAR® widely throughout Rwanda and beyond will allow healthcare workers to leverage this technology to rapidly assess mothers' response to treatment. In collaboration with the Rwandan MOH & NRL, and our on the ground implementing partners, NBS® will reduce HIV related deaths in infants by scaling up access to its novel POC nanodiagnostic platform by validating Nanobiosym’s proprietary POC Gene-RADAR® diagnostic platform’s ability to measure HIV positive mothers’ viral load thereby ensuring they are responding to ART and reducing their chances of transmitting HIV to their child in-utero, at birth, or during the breastfeeding period.

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