Reduction of maternal death through post-partum hemorrhage: a highly heat-resistant form of oxytocin that does not require injection

The Mintaka Foundation for Medical Research
Organization Location: 
Geneva, Switzerland

Every year, over 100,000 mothers die as a result of uncontrolled bleeding after giving birth, with over 1.5 million more surviving but with debilitating anemia. Virtually all live in the deprived regions of the world. Shockingly, many could have been easily and effectively treated by an immediate injection of the drug oxytocin. However, oxytocin is unstable in warm climates and trained staff are not always available to give injections. We document in the Expression of Interest that we have recently achieved what we believe to be the first inhalable formulation of oxytocin to give near complete protection against degradation by tropical climates and to promise bioavailability on inhalation comparable to injection. Crucially, this formulation has the potential to enhance the reliability of treatment and for the first time extend it to communities lacking injection-trained personnel. We now wish to match our solid proof of principle in the test tube  by an equally conclusive demonstration in vivo.  We will seek to demonstrate measurable levels of inhaled drug in blood and measurable biological effects of inhalation, all this with no seriously adverse side effects.Success will provide the essential platform for the further steps required to move into a first clinical trial. Our ultimate goal is licensure and distribution in affected areas: providing every mother on the planet with access to a life-saving drug when in labor. 

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