Projecting Health India

Organization Location: 
Seattle, Washington

PATH proposes to overturn persistently poor maternal and newborn health outcomes in Uttar Pradesh, India, by scaling up the proven and cost-effective Projecting Health approach to social and behavior change communication. Using low-cost technology, this unique model empowers frontline health workers and communities to create and disseminate engaging, customized health education messages, capturing the attention of hard-to-reach mothers, sparking behavior change, and saving the lives of mothers and their children.  The proposed project will improve maternal and newborn health related behaviors in four districts of Uttar Pradesh through the scale-up of Projecting Health over a three-year period, building from the established base in Raebareli District. Success will be measured by an increase in healthy behaviors and practices, toward meeting the overall goal of decreasing maternal and infant mortality and morbidity in Uttar Pradesh. The project evaluation will be conducted using a quasi-experimental design involving three study arms to measure health behaviors and knowledge levels. The study will compare areas with (1) mothers’ groups using Projecting Health; (2) mothers’ groups not using Projecting Health; and (3) no mothers’ groups. PATH will work with the government to integrate the program into the national health system to ensure sustainability. 

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