An integrated mobile health strategy to reduce post-partum hemorrhage in Tanzania

Queen's University
Organization Location: 
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

One woman dies in childbirth almost every hour in Tanzania. The use of a single and inexpensive dose of oral misoprostol at the time of delivery is a proven, and effective tool to reduce the likelihood of post-partum hemorrhage. At present, due to a multitude of barriers, women who deliver at home (50%) or in many health centres do not have access to oral misoprostol or other uterotonics.  We propose to implement a system 'Mpowering' women through an SMS voucher (e-voucher) platform of health education and improved access to oral misoprostol which creates sustainability through demand creation for a number of essential, evidence-based, and life saving interventions in a ‘package’ (e-wallet) to promote safe delivery.  Our program also strengthens nursing interventions in antenatal clinics across Tanzania through a mobile phone platform  of health intervention and delivery checklists, training on the e-voucher platform to strengthen involvement of health providers in facilitating oral misoprostol e-voucher access and strengthening links to expert advice through a closed user group of mobile phones. In addition, through use and modification of the existing SMS voucher platform (through an established public-private initiative), and through engagement of private retailers in the informal drug delivery sector, we will build a sustainable business model to ensure access to oral misoprostol. Our goal is to radically reduce maternal deaths from post partum hemorrhage across Tanzania.

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