Safer Deliveries Using Point of Care Decision Support and Monitoring

D-Tree International, Inc.
Organization Location: 
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The Safer Deliveries project will improve the ability of nurses and midwives to identify danger signs for a woman and her baby during the critical period of labor and delivery and link these measures to specific decision support rules that guide the health worker in taking corrective action. Using ultra-low cost disposable ECG leads, D-tree International will build a phone based device that provides continuous tracking of fetal and maternal heart rate and uterine contractions during labor and delivery leading to more timely and effective interventions to save the life of the mother and infant. This is important because the sign of fetal distress is whether the fetal heart rate accelerates or decelerates during a uterine contraction rather than the absolute rate at rest and this can be measured only with continuous monitoring of fetal heart rate during uterine contractions. This project will also develop phone based decision support for nurses and midwives that guides decision making about when to intervene in the delivery process and what types of interventions are required. This work builds on an existing platform developed by D-tree International and Jhpiego to develop a phone based partogram (ePartogram). This project will extend the functionality and usefulness of the ePartogram adding continuous monitoring and decision support for health workers managing labor and delivery when trained obstetricians are not available to interpret partogram data.

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