The Maternity Episode of Care Prototype (Liberia)

Open Development, LLC
Organization Location: 
Washington, DC USA

As the universal health coverage movement grows, most countries cannot rely on public providers alone to meet the increased demand for health services. Engaging private providers in maternal and neonatal care can improve healthcare access and quality and reduce out of pocket spending among the poor. Yet the maternal and newborn episode of care (EOC), which begins with antenatal visits, includes delivery and postpartum care, and ends in postnatal consultation, is one of the more complex health coverage conditions. Contracting private providers to deliver quality care presents challenges in terms of administrative efficiency, timeliness, quality control and privacy. Governments are seeking straightforward, proven tools and approaches to engage the private sector, while minimizing costs, errors and delays. This project will build and test a prototype application that streamlines and automates patient, provider and payer transactions across the maternal/newborn EOC. The goal is to pilot the application in Liberia, where the government must overcome operational challenges to engage private providers in the Liberia Health Equity Fund. Open Development believes that the prototype would provide the Liberian government with an affordable, rapid and quality-assured alternative to traditional approaches for administering contracts with private providers, in order to accelerate access to quality health services for pregnant women and newborns, while providing a foundation for output-based, strategic purchasing by the GOL.

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