Microarray Patch for Delivery of a Combination of Antibiotics for the Treatment of Neonatal Sepsis

Queen's University Belfast
Organization Location: 
Belfast, United Kingdom

An easy-to-use, combined form of amoxicillin and gentamicin could benefit the approximately 10% of infants who show symptoms of possible serious bacterial infection during the neonatal period.  Use of microarray patches for other indications have shown promise in clinical trials. Microarray patches for vaccine applications in particular have been advanced for use in low-resource settings due to the anticipated low cost, ease of use, safety, and stability of the technology. Patches have the potential to be cost-effective if they can increase coverage and reduce administration costs, or enable house-to-house delivery. Microarray patches have been found to be pain free and acceptable to patients, including delivery by self-administration in adults. Application of microarray technology to antibiotic delivery could have similar benefits and the proposed activities will establish feasibility. This team proposes to develop and test an innovative microarray patch to deliver a combination of antibiotics for the treatment of neonatal sepsis. An easy-to-use, less-invasive, affordable delivery method for amoxicillin and gentamicin could expand access to lifesaving outpatient antibiotic treatment for infants with severe infection during the neonatal period. 

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