Development and Evaluation of the RELI Delivery System—an Innovative, Simplified, Low-Cost Infusion Pump for Obstetric and Newborn Emergencies

Organization Location: 
Seattle, Washington USA

In obstetric and newborn emergencies, infusion pumps are used to provide safe and accurate delivery of lifesaving medications, fluids, and nutrition. In low-resource settings (LRS), this standard of care is often not available due to unreliable electricity and the prohibitive price of the device and costs associated with consumables and training. PATH’s novel infusion pump, the RELI Delivery System, was designed to address many of the barriers surrounding access to infusion pumps in LRS: it does not require electricity or a battery, is inexpensive to manufacture and operate, does not require expensive consumables, and has a simple user interface. We will develop a functional prototype and related job aids to share with stakeholders. Feedback collected will inform future design development as well as a draft implementation plan for Rwanda and Uganda, with an emphasis on locations specializing in newborn and obstetric emergencies. PATH’s long-term vision for this project is increased access to low-cost infusion pumps for newborn and obstetric emergencies in LRS. By advancing an appropriate and affordable design through a partnership with a manufacturer, in tandem with conducting training, PATH will be able to achieve this vision by enabling more health care facilities to provide safe and reliable delivery of medicines, fluids, and nutrition to patients.

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