Validation Study of an Electricity-free Oxygen Concentrator in Western Uganda.

University of Melbourne
Organization Location: 
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

One of the reasons oxygen therapy is not reaching the many thousands of babies and children it could save is due to the fact that electricity is not always available in small health facilities. To address this problem, this team has successfully developed FREO2, an electricity-free oxygen concentrator which runs on the energy from water flowing in a nearby stream, and which requires no fuel. It is independent of supply chains and transport infrastructure and has negligible environmental impact. This project will enable a major field trial in a health center in Western Uganda, where the design for this innovation will be refined in close collaboration with the health workers. Data will also be collected about training and other requirements for deployment, clinical efficacy, and cost-effectiveness. By the end of this project, the goal for this project is to be ready for widespread deployment and a definitive large-scale trial.  

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