Replicating cStock: Making Essential Health Commodities Available at the Community Level

JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc.
Organization Location: 
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Community based interventions have been shown to significantly reduce maternal illnesses, pregnancy complications and perinatal and neonatal deaths. However stock outs of critical commodities have also been shown to lead to deaths of millions of women and children during pregnancy and birth in low-income countries.  cStock is an approach to improving the supply of life-saving commodities to CHWs through technology - a mobile health logistics  management information and resupply system (cStock) - while improving service delivery and demand generation through change management and system strengthening interventions - quality improvement teams. The approach is designed to make data visible, create a culture of data use, and drive accountability for performance.

1) Replicate the success seen in Malawi at reducing stock outs and saving mother and children lives in Kenya. 
2) Use this experience to adopt a low-cost, replicable product and develop a standard set of implementation tools for the QI teams that could be replicated in other countries to support their community based programs.

The cStock approach is different from many other mHealth approaches because it:
1) links reporting to an immediate decision making process; resupply. CHWs know their data is used to help them and this motivates CHWs to report. 
2) creates a culture of data use, team work, problem solving and action planning through the quality improvement teams.

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