Scaling up Every Second Matters for Mothers and Babies - Ketamine (ESM-KetamineTM) in Kenya

Massachusetts General Hospital
Organization Location: 
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
As demonstrated in the findings that have emerged from our Round 4 Saving Lives at Birth Seed Grant, maternal and newborn death and disability due to obstructed labor and lack of access to other emergency and essential reproductive health operations/procedures can be reduced with increased availability of surgical services through invoking our innovative package, Every Second Matters for Mothers and Babies - Ketamine (ESM-Ketamine). This Transition to Scale proposal will build on this understanding and provide the ESM-Ketamine package to 20 health facilities across the three counties with the highest maternal mortality ratios in Kenya (where the caesarean section rates are less than 1%) while further improving and advancing the science regarding the package quality and safety, securing the necessary political will (to include local, regional, and foreign stakeholders; credentialing; and liability), and developing a business model aimed at optimal performance and patient-centered economics for all directly involved parties.
We anticipate that ESM-Ketamine will be scalable across Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and other places affected by the anesthesia gap, to help women receive emergency and essential maternal surgical care. We additionally believe that ESM-Ketamine will have ripple effects beyond reproductive health and dramatically increase poor communities’ access to a wide range of other emergency and life-saving operations. 
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