Validation of the NeoVent, a Low-Cost, Low-Tech Noninvasive Pressure Ventilator, to Save Infant Lives in Nepal, Malawi and Beyond

Advanced Innovative Medical Technologies, LLC
Organization Location: 
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Severe respiratory illnesses in neonates are a leading cause of pediatric mortality worldwide. Over 1.5 million infants die of respiratory distress each year—99% in low and middle income countries. Bubble Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is being successfully implemented by SL@B grantees PATH and Pumani, alongside many others, to save up to 70% of infants in respiratory distress in resource-limited settings. Sicker infants require additional noninvasive ventilation treatment, but conventional infant ventilators are resource-intensive and require continuous electricity, specialized training and many spare parts.  

In collaboration with the clinicians from the United Mission Hospital, Tansen, Nepal and Respiratory Therapists Without Borders, Advanced Innovative Medical Technologies developed NeoVent. NeoVent builds on the strengths of bubble CPAP as a one-connection add-on to provide low cost, low tech Noninvasive Pressure Ventilation (also known as “bi-PAP”) and save infant lives in resource-limited settings like Nepal and Malawi. NeoVent’s design permits the clinician to independently set key parameters including the upper level of pressure (PIP), lower level of pressure (PEEP) and rate (cycles/min).  

With this grant, the team plans to continue to optimize and clinically validate NeoVent through a study of safety and efficacy in Malawi (first year) and subsequently pilot implementations throughout Nepal, India and Southeast Africa (second year) in preparation for scale.