Integrated Oxygen Scale Up Solution in Ethiopia

Assist International
Organization Location: 
Ripon, California, USA

This innovation aims to save the lives of newborns and mothers by treating newborn respiratory issues and complications during C-section procedures by creating a sustainable, affordable and easily accessible source of medical oxygen administered by trained clinicians. This oxygen will be provided by a financially sustainable production and distribution facility able to supply to the hospitals and health centers within its catchment area through a unique “milkman delivery” system. Assist International’s hub and spoke model for scaling up oxygen production and distribution involves partnering with the Federal Ministry of Health of Ethiopia to place oxygen systems in referral hospitals around the country with the end goal of reducing the distance between any given hospital or health center and a medical oxygen supplier to less than 300 kilometers. This unique, bold innovation addresses a critical factor affecting the mortality of mothers and newborns during the 48 hour window after onset of labor, using technology, service delivery, and business demand. The innovation pairs oxygen production best practices with an innovative delivery model, cutting the distance to oxygen supply and transportation costs while generating a revenue stream for sustainability.