Scaling the BEMPU Hypothermia Alert Device Across Indian and International Markets

Bempu Health Private Limited
Organization Location: 
Bangalore, India

Newborns are unable to regulate their body temperature which often leads to hypothermia, a condition affecting up to 85% of newborns globally and approximately 4-12 million Indian newborns yearly. Hypothermia can result in poor growth, poor organ development, and death. Regular temperature monitoring is the standard of care in developed countries; however, in low-resource clinics, nurses are overworked and skip temperature readings due to competing priorities, and parents do not regularly monitor temperature with a thermometer due to lack of awareness or education. The BEMPU Hypothermia Alert Device is a newborn temperature-monitoring wristband that intuitively alerts caregivers if their newborn is hypothermic, enabling intervention well before complications or death can occur. With the help of SL@B partners and funding, BEMPU Health developed, validated, and launched the BEMPU Hypothermia Alert Device in the Indian market within 1 year of funding, and it has now been used on over 2,500 babies globally. With the Transition to Scale funding, BEMPU aims to scale distribution in India and abroad, complete multi-country clinical studies, and reduce the cost of the device, propelling the BEMPU Hypothermia Alert Device to be self-sustainable and achieve heightened impact.

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