Saving Lives at Birth With Simple, Low-Cost Innovation in Uganda

Doctors With Africa CUAMM
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Padova, Italy
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CUAMM aims to scale up the use of birth cushions (BCs), a low-cost, low-technology, and locally-made device that will improve quality of institutional deliveries in Uganda. The ultimate goal of this proposal is to fully assess the life-saving potential of bringing a promising innovation (BCs) to scale in terms of increased institutional deliveries and, ultimately, lives saved. CUAMM intends to distribute BCs to 30 Hospitals and 70 HC-IVs in Uganda, including private structures, promoting public-private partnership. CUAMM also intends to train healthcare workers (HCWs) and district reproductive, maternal, and child health (RMNCH) officers on their use.

CUAMM will train 360 HCWs and 40 district RMNCH officers, leading to a 30% increase in institutional deliveries in each facility. Integrating cushion delivery option within current health system outlets and guidelines will ensure its sustainability through a virtuous supply-demand circle. If successful, CUAMM will also advocate for inclusion of BC training within the pre-service obstetrician/gynaecologist curriculum.