OxyPump: A Low-Cost, Portable Oxygen Concentrator

FREO2 Foundation Australia
Organization Location: 
Bundoora, Australia

A major challenge exists when a child is diagnosed with a life-threatening hypoxemic illness at a peripheral health center but is too sick to be safely transported without oxygen. FREO2 Foundation Australia will meet this need by developing OxyPump, a low cost portable oxygen concentrator capable of safely meeting transit oxygen requirements and therefore enabling referral. OxyPump will allow health care workers to prescribe any oxygen concentration between air and 90%, without the need for mixers, at approximately 1/8th the cost of traditional portable oxygen concentrators. At the conclusion of this grant, FREO2 Foundation Australia will have assessed use-cases and required capacity building at Chikowa health center, as well as co-created a simple, intuitive prototype, and performed preliminary market assessment and willingness to pay.