FREO2 Solar: The First Battery-Free Solar-Powered Oxygen System for Small Health Facilities

FREO2 Foundation Australia
Organization Location: 
Bundoora, Australia

Current solar-powered oxygen concentrator systems have high capital and recurrent costs because they use batteries and inverters to store energy to run the concentrator at night. This system removes the need for batteries, and thus more than 60% of the capital cost and most of the recurrent costs. This approach will deliver a 90% reduction in the cost per liter of oxygen delivered in rural off-grid settings. This system runs the concentrator from the solar panels, stores oxygen in the Low-Pressure Oxygen Storage system, and delivers oxygen from that store during the night. This proposal will enable the design, construction, laboratory testing, and initial field trial of this novel solar powered oxygen system. This system, if successful, will be applicable in thousands of health facilities in more than 100 Low- and Middle-Income Countries, and address some of the largest-burden conditions affecting neonates and young infants.This is the first ever solar powered oxygen system that functions without the need for batteries or inverters.

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