Decisions to Save Lives: Point-of-Care and Referral Decision Support for Efficient Care in Public and Private Sector Facilities in Indonesia

Lembaga Kesehatan Budi Kemuliaan
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Jakarta, Indonesia
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As the oldest and largest maternal and child health hospital in Indonesia, LKBK has a social mission to provide high-quality services to the poor and most vulnerable. LKBK proposes to integrate the ePartogram digitized decision support system in their network of six facilities to facilitate improved quality of care (QOC) and referrals during the intrapartum period. The ePartogram is an integrated solution that incorporates science and technology with service delivery to support better labor decisions by improving adherence to globally recommended labor management guidelines, which will lead to improved QOC and reduced maternal and early neonatal deaths and intrapartum stillbirths. The ePartogram is based on the WHO paper partograph and has built-in clinical algorithms for every clinical parameter measured during labor. The ePartogram also addresses equity concerns because it can be used even in remote facilities as long as there is phone connectivity. By introducing the ePartogram in LKBK facilities, this project will demonstrate proof of business and clinical viability for its use and scale-up in 15 selected government health facilities to show improved QOC and health outcomes. Both partograph use and overall QOC are lower in government facilities with increased maternity caseloads as a result of the universal healthcare scheme rollout. This project’s goal is to scale ePartogram use first to Java, which has 2 million births annually, then to all of Indonesia with its 4.5 million annual births, to avert intrapartum stillbirths, neonatal deaths and maternal deaths.