Jaundice Case Management Package for Low Resource Areas

Little Sparrows Technologies
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Winchester, Massachusetts, USA
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Morbidity and mortality from kernicterus resulting from severe neonatal jaundice remains a significant burden in low resource areas of the world. Contributing factors in jaundice case management include failure to identify infants at risk, failure to assess “need-to-treat” using accepted clinical guidelines and failure to rapidly initiate high intensity phototherapy for infants meeting treatment criteria. To date, a context appropriate, comprehensive jaundice case management system for low resource areas has not been developed. The Little Sparrows Technologies approach is to directly address these gaps in jaundice management by creating "The Jaundice Case Management Package", a deliverable unit using three technology innovations emerging from of SL@B Round 4: the "Jaundice Ruler” (Brigham and Women's Hospital), the "BiliBuddy" Clinical Decision Support Tool and the Bili-Hut™ Portable Phototherapy Device (Little Sparrows Technologies). Each of these innovations is designed for downstream screening, evaluation and treatment of jaundice without reliance on blood testing or need for continuous electricity. The primary objective of this project is to validate this approach for jaundice management at Kibuye Hope Hospital, a rural facility in east central Burundi. Successful completion would be the first step toward commercialization and scaling this solution to enable low resource health networks to create and implement programs to reduce death and disability from jaundice.