Closing the Care Gap for Newborns: Neopenda Wearable Vital Signs Monitor

Organization Location: 
Chicago, Illinois, USA

In low resource healthcare facilities, staffing limitations and lack of equipment and supplies make it difficult to deliver high quality care to newborns. Within the constraints of these environments, innovative low-cost technologies and systems have great potential for impact, by augmenting the capacity of existing healthcare workers and resources. Neopenda’s technology solution targets this challenge of high neonatal mortality rates in overcrowded and under-resourced hospitals with a wearable vital signs monitor that helps nurses rapidly identify patients in distress, and supplies physicians with detailed information to guide diagnosis and therapy. This device is reusable, rechargeable, and specifically designed through collaboration with healthcare workers in Uganda for usability in the facilities that need it most. It continuously measures four crucial vital signs: pulse rate, respiration rate, blood oxygen saturation, and temperature. For an infant in distress, a faster response time can make the difference between life and death. In the upcoming validation phase, Neopenda will assess this solution in a series of multi-site studies in Uganda and Liberia, with the intended endpoint of implementation in both countries, and anticipated impact of reducing neonatal morbidity and mortality (the primary outcome indicator).