RMNCH eRegistries: Scaling Up an Electronic System for Community Health Care Providers in Bangladesh

Norwegian Institute of Public Health
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Oslo, Norway
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Bangladesh is a promising example of reduced maternal and newborn mortality globally, but evidence suggests that ongoing inefficiencies in continuity and quality of care will impede further improvement, especially for the poorest and most marginalized. This project will replace an existing static electronic reporting system for RMNCH in Bangladesh with an enhanced, interactive longitudinal electronic health registry system (the RMNCH eRegistry), to increase both quality and continuity of care in service delivery, and encourage demand for services. The RMNCH eRegistry is based on point-of-care registration, where data drives decision support and workflows along the continuum of care, while tailored indicators are provided to supervisors and managers. It provides guideline and workflow support at each clinical visit to improve quality of care while enabling customized behaviour change communication for women and referral tools. The project’s vision of success is that a tailored version of the RMNCH eRegistry reaches national scale with the CHCP cadre (13,500 users) in Bangladesh, who each see on average 50 new pregnancies per year, improving care for ~650,000 women per year.