Validation of an Innovative Newborn Respiratory Package of Equipment and Training

PATH/Massachusetts General Hospital
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PATH, the Massachusetts General Hospital Division of Global Health and Human Rights, and their world-class collaborators are working to expand access to continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy for newborns. They have developed and field piloted a novel, newborn respiratory package consisting of a low-cost bubble CPAP (bCPAP) device, oxygen blender, nasal prongs and pulse oximeter, together with a best-evidence package of training, checklists, manuals, and wall charts. They will conduct feasibility studies in India, Kenya, and Uganda, which will provide feedback for device improvements and immediately reduce deaths in those facilities where no prior intervention existed. They will equip and train providers at each facility to screen, diagnose, and manage respiratory conditions associated with the leading causes of newborn mortality and morbidity. Feedback from the studies will be incorporated to further refine the bCPAP device, oxygen blender, nasal prongs and training materials. Their South African manufacturing partner, Sinapi biomedical, will produce bCPAP devices with oxygen blenders and incorporate improvements and instructions for use. They expect that with Saving Lives at Birth support, mortality will drop 25% among newborns treated in facilities introducing bCPAP therapy for the first time and that following technology transfer to Sinapi biomedical, the bCPAP device and oxygen blender and accompanying equipment will be poised for production and scale.

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