Plackal Techno Systems Has Developed a Bold, New Information Communication Technology Used to Empower Indian Women and Their Families to Take Charge of Their Reproductive Health Through the Easy-to-Use App, Maya

Plackal Techno Systems Private Limited
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Bangalore, India
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There are 220 million women worldwide who have an unmet need for family planning resources and services. In 2014, the WHO stated that by reducing the number of unintended pregnancies, 60% of maternal deaths and 57% of child deaths could be averted. Plackal Techno Systems Pvt. Ltd. plans to expand family planning information and services to young girls, women, and their partners across India through a culturally appropriate, localized, and empowering reproductive health app, Maya. The app will give users access to a due date and conception date calculator; daily health logging to keep track of symptoms, medications, vitamins, and exercise; appointment calendar to ensure pre and antenatal checkups; and personalized health insights to help guide women and their families through the pregnancy. Post pregnancy, the app will provide newborn care information on breastfeeding, kangaroo care, early warning signs for infections, antenatal appointment reminders, and a postpartum depression survey. Additionally, the app will provide personalized fertility calendars and information on contraception, ultimately lowering the number of unplanned pregnancies and preventable maternal and neonatal deaths.

Plackal seeks funding from Saving Lives at Birth to expand the already successful period tracking app, Maya, to include a pregnancy section of the app, translate app into 7 additional Indian languages and 1 pictorial app, and then pilot the product to women in India. A successful pilot will show market demand for the product and improved reproductive health knowledge and health seeking behaviors. In 10 years, Maya will be the world’s most comprehensive reproductive health tracker, helping women and partners around the world have desired and healthy relationships, pregnancies, and family sizes.