Building Social Accountability Structures for Respectful Maternity Care in Kenya: “RMC Virtual Space”

Population Council
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New York, New York, USA
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Women and families are reluctant to report incidents of disrespect and abuse (D&A) due to fear of reprisal and lack of confidence in the system to mitigate mistreatment during childbirth. Furthermore, frontline healthcare providers who are committed to quality of care are not recognized for their contribution to providing RMC. Although scaling up interventions for promoting RMC are underway, they are not consistent and do not provide opportunity for sustained efforts.

Population Council proposes an innovative strategy building on existing Social Accountability structures in Kenya to test a low-cost mobile technology to enhance accountability within MNH and to provide a platform that promotes Respectful Maternity care (RMC) through enhanced health systems responsiveness. The team believes this will (1) empower women and their families to report D&A and positive care experiences, (2) facilitate provider involvement in reporting D&A and advocating for solutions, and consequently (3) improve service delivery. Population Council hopes that by engaging partners and county level stakeholders, lessons learned from this pilot intervention will be scaled up in Kenya. 

Population Council believes this project gives voice to users and frontline providers and allows for more participatory engagement in the promotion of RMC that affects mothers and newborns. The proposed mobile reporting platform unveils a new mechanism that may be transferrable to other health domains.