Minimizing Loss to Follow-Up of Preterm Babies After Discharge From Kangaroo Mother Care Units in Kenya

Save the Children Federation, Inc.
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Fairfield, Connecticut, USA
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Each year in Kenya, 13,300 young infants die due to direct complications of premature birth. Lack of follow-up of preterm babies discharged from facility Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) remains a challenge to improving newborn survival. Save the Children, working in partnership and co-creation with the Kenya Ministry of Health and local partners, including information and communication technology (ICT) provider Muva, will develop, test, and evaluate a comprehensive solution that addresses barriers to follow-up at the household and health system levels. Improved provider counseling, strengthened referral linkages, and digital (or alternative, depending on formative research results) appointment reminders and education for mothers and families will improve the quality of care at facilities, improve access to care for premature newborns, and improve mothers’ recognition of danger signs and increase prompt care seeking behaviors. Together, these solutions will improve compliance with follow-up and reduce preventable deaths in premature newborns discharged from facility KMC.