Evaluation of an Infusion Monitoring Device as a Cost-Effective Way to Increase Safe Access to Oxytocin and Magnesium Sulfate

Shift Labs, Inc.
Organization Location: 
Seattle, Washington, USA

This project introduces an infusion monitoring device, the DripAssist Infusion Rate Monitor, to increase safe access to best practices in the administration of oxytocin and magnesium sulfate during labor—medications used to prevent postpartum hemorrhage, preeclampsia, and eclampsia. 

Postpartum hemorrhage, preeclampsia, and eclampsia are leading causes in global maternal mortality that disproportionately affect middle-lower income nations due to gaps in infrastructure, trained clinicians, and supply chains. New technologies are required to enable best practices to reach these low-resource settings. The DripAssist, designed for and with end users in low resource clinical settings, offers a cost-effective method to safely administer and monitor vital medications while requiring limited training and offering a high cost recovery. This approach combines technology and service delivery interventions in order to expand access to quality maternal care.  
This project proposes a rigorous clinical evaluation of the implementation and subsequent impact of DripAssist on accurate monitoring of magnesium sulfate and oxytocin infusions to address preeclampsia, eclampsia, and postpartum hemorrhage. DripAssist is an alternative technology for medication administration. Findings from this study will provide guidance on whether a simpler and more cost-effective device like DripAssist can have measurable impact on improving birth outcomes and may provide evidence supporting the widespread adaptation of DripAssist to ultimately decrease preventable maternal deaths.
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