Neonate Biometric Scanner for Frontline Health Workers

SimPrints Technology Limited
Organization Location: 
Cambridge, United Kingdom

With over 1/3 of births unregistered in developing countries, the lack of reliable infant identification methods is a major bottleneck for governments, aid agencies, and NGOs in the delivery health services. The inability to link neonates to a health record means health care providers often have no idea if the child has been immunized for things like diphtheria, or has a life-threatening diagnosis of anemia. Working with the world’s best biometric laboratory at Michigan State University and partnering with UNICEF-EPRI in Northern Nigeria, Simprints proposes to develop and test fingerprinting software and hardware capable of identifying newborns. This technology would create infallible vaccine records, exponentially improve the tracking of MNCH services, and help fight neonate abduction, trafficking, and exploitation.

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