Sterile Water for Neonatal Care

TDA Research, Inc.
Organization Location: 
Wheat Ridge, Colorado, USA

Currently, sterile water and Sterile Water for Injection (SWFI) is not available at the vast majority of rural African and Asian medical clinics and other low resource locations. Sterile water is needed for surgery, IV fluids (i.e. dextrose solutions for hypoglycemia), hydrotherapies, diluting intravenous medication (e.g. antibiotics, anticancer drugs, opioids, etc.) for neonates and newborns, where erroneous use of non-sterile water (microbial contamination) can lead to life threatening emergencies. Many medications and materials are or will be available in dehydrated formularies that require SWFI rehydrate for immediate use. What is needed is an easy to use, inexpensive, on-demand system to sterilize locally available potable water, but no technology exists that will allow medics to generate sterile water. TDA Research, Inc. proposed to develop a Sterile Water Generator that can be scaled from small (10 L/day) to very large (1000 L/day). There are significant cost advantages to being able to produce sterile water on-site. In the US, the cost for sterile water ranges for $5-$15/L depending on the volume. Shipping sterile water (which weighs much more than the powder drug) to hard to reach locations is extremely expensive. The team estimates that the Sterile Water Generator will be able to produce medical grade sterile water for <$0.25/L which will dramatically reduce costs and help save lives.