Improving Maternal and Neonatal Care at Primary Healthcare Facilities in Burkina Faso Through a Digital Job Aid

Terre des Hommes Foundation
Organization Location: 
Lausanne, Switzerland

Despite the efforts to decrease pregnancy-related morbidity and mortality, the adherence of healthcare workers to evidence-based antenatal care (ANC) guidelines and safe childbirth checklists and the quality of counseling to mothers is still low. This project aims to address this challenge by developing and testing a digital job aid in health facilities in Burkina Faso that support the adherence to ANC and safe childbirth guidelines by healthcare workers and improve data on maternal and neonatal health services at the district level. By increasing the adherence to impactful interventions and counselling to mothers, this innovation will contribute to decreasing maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality.

This project leverages the use of digital technologies to support behavior change of healthcare workers, improving their adherence to evidence-based practices in the antenatal and post-delivery stages. As such, it aims to achieve the full potential of current knowledge on how to manage pregnant women and childbirth. It will incorporate the lessons learned by a large-scale mHealth project in the region aimed at improving facility-based healthcare worker performance, and if successful it will be added as a module to that program.