Pumani® Plus: Creating a Roadmap for Sustainable Expansion in Deployment, Distribution and Demand Creation for Global Health Devices

Center for Public Health and Development/Mediquip
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The Pumani CPAP is a successful and well-known Saving Lives at Birth innovation that has reached the point of commercialization. 3rd Stone has rapidly expanded the CPAP business through direct sales and shipment, lean staffing models, and by leveraging significant clinical work in Malawi by the Malawi College of Medicine, Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital and Rice University. What is missing is a thorough understanding of the effects of increased distribution, the addition of more products in the supply chain, and the provisioning of highly competent technical assistance and in-country support from trained local engineers and technicians. By leveraging experience selling the Pumani CPAP, 3rd Stone and the Center for Public Health and Development intend to build a set of financial models that represent detailed analysis of all the factors influencing distribution, support and product mix. They will confirm the assumptions of this model in Eastern Africa and share findings with the broader community of innovators. The partners will then pilot the most promising business amplification measures to evaluate the actual benefit on the reach and sustainability of the respiratory care offering they provide. The ultimate impact will be substantially enhanced access to reliable, appropriate and affordable respiratory care products to treat newborn illness. By developing a distribution system for other innovations, including those supported by Saving Lives at Birth in Africa and beyond, the benefits of some of these newborn health solutions will reach the intended sites of use in a sustainable business framework.

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