Digital Village Clinic: Scale-up of a Proven Digital Community Health System in Malawi through National Management and Ownership

Health Information System Program Malawi
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The Malawi Ministry of Health (MOH) sees health surveillance assistants (HSAs), their official cadre of trained community health workers, as critical to reducing maternal and newborn mortality. Yet a heavy work load, complex protocols and cumbersome reporting structures hinder HSAs’ ability to provide consistently high-quality care, while paper reports limit the MOH’s ability to use data effectively. Recognizing such limitations, the MOH has prioritized digital health to support HSAs and aims to equip 50 percent of Malawi’s community health workers with digital tools by 2022.  Since 2011, D-tree International has been working with the MOH to co-design and implement the Digital Village Clinic, a comprehensive digital solution that empowers HSAs and Supervisors to register families, support effective case management and automate data for real-time decision-making. To date, the system has been implemented widely by development partners with support of the MOH, but has not been managed or owned by the government. Health Information Systems Program (HISP), a Malawian organization which works with the MOH to implement technology systems, and D-tree International propose to combine their expertise to collaborate and support the MOH to further refine the Digital Village Clinic to adhere to the updated community strategy and develop the processes, capacity and systems to be scaled and managed by the government. This consortium will build the capacity of the MOH to enable local ownership and sustainability of a well-established digital health system that will improve the quality of maternal and newborn care in Malawi.

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