Collaborative Community Based Technology To Improve Maternal and Child Health in Senegal

Organization Location: 
Dakar, Senegal

Senegal has one of the highest mortality rates with 370 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births, and neonatal and infant mortality rates at 47 and 55 per 1,000 respectively. These high mortality rates are due to poor access to health services. To increase demand for and access to quality maternal and neonatal services for women living in hard to reach areas of Senegal, Africare is proposing to develop an innovative model that integrates community based support services (Maternal Care Support Groups/MCSG) with mobile and telemedicine platforms. This innovative technology platform, combined with community services, will bring prenatal care services closer to 303,920 women in rural Senegal, allowing for early detection of potential problems and their quick referral to centers equipped to manage emergency obstetric care. The MCSGs will be used to deter the cultural practice of hiding pregnancy status till late in the second semester and reduce delays in seeking prenatal care. Africare and Dimagi will build a mHealth system to support timely data collection by community health workers. By recording pregnancies at an early stage and using mobile messaging, community nurses/midwifes can facilitate access to care, identify at risk pregnancies, and make recommendations regarding delivery by skilled birth attendants at a health facility. With AMREF, Africare will use an innovative telemedicine platform to provide distance training and technical assistance to community health workers to treat and/or refer. Telemedicine, used for maternal health at this scale, will be a first for Senegal.

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