An intuitive multi-use intrauterine device (IUD) inserter to expand access to contraceptives and family planning in resource poor settings

Bioceptive, Inc.
Organization Location: 
New Orleans, LA, USA

Two hundred and twenty million women worldwide have an unmet need for family planning resources. Although intrauterine devices (IUDs) are effective long-acting contraceptives, IUD insertion is very complex, so IUDs are often unavailable in resource poor settings. Bioceptive's proposal is to create a reusable IUD inserter for the developing world with the goals that it is intuitive, Cu380A IUD compatible, safer, and low cost. Bioceptive will develop a reusable version of its patent-pending IUD inserter that makes the insertion procedure easier and safer, allowing more women worldwide to take advantage of one of the most effective forms of contraception. The design of this reusable inserter will be based on Bioceptive's disposable inserter, which is prohibitively expensive for use in the developing world. The reusable inserter will expand access to the most common type of intrauterine contraceptive device to millions of women at low cost. Bioceptive's IUD inserter will eliminate the need to use four separate instruments for IUD insertion, making the procedure simpler, safer and intuitive. Bioceptive's inserter replaces these other instruments with one intuitive device, allowing any healthcare worker to insert an IUD with minimal training, even in resource-poor settings. This will have a major impact on maternal health by addressing a major gap in access to IUDs, a most effective contraceptive option. This inserter can empower women, giving them more control over family planning and birth spacing. This would improve the health of women and their families and reduce unsafe abortions and maternal deaths.

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